The Poppy Fields

Who are The Poppy Fields?
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New Album, In The Poppy Fields will be released April 19th in the UK and Europe, and May 20th in the USA. 2 version will be available. A Standard CD with the 45 RPM video as a bonus, and a 2-CD digipack with 2 6-song albums (the way the album was intende to be released). The tracklisting will be as follows:
  1. Coming Home
  2. Close
  3. 45 RPM
  4. Drunk The The Disorderly
  5. Federal Motor Votor
  6. Trafficking
  1. New Home New Life
  2. The Rock And Roll
  3. The Unexplained
  4. Right Back Where I Started From
  5. True Life
  6. In The Poppy Fields
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The single will be released in 3 formats including a DVD single! New b-sides include a cover of Prince's "The Cross" and a live version of Slade's "Get Down And Get With It" plus more!!
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